User Management

How to add new user

Step 1: For Addition of the new sub-admin ,we should search for "User Management" under "Admin"
Step 2: Please click on the "Create User" at upper right corner.
Step 3: Please enter "login Name" , "Password" and other details for the new user. save the same.
Step 4: Automated email verification mail will be triggered which is for email verification
Step 5: For setting up panel level access rule, we need to click on "edit" and click on the "Access Detail" Button. Please provide the required access and save the same.
Step 6: Then we should click on "Save Changes" button.

How to delete new user

Admin / Super user have the rights to add or remove user from smartech panel.
Step 1: we can disable the access to users by following the path "Admin" ---> "User Management" tab --> then edit the user profile and opt "Yes" for Disable Button. Then we should save the changes .
Step 2. In case of deleting the sub-admin user, follow the path "Admin" ---> "User Management" tab --> then hower the mouse over the user that we want to delete . Please click on delete button to delete the user and it's associated permission for the panel.

User Management

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