Smartech APIs Overview

Netcore Smartech offers comprehensive APIs that empower the Smartech users to make the most of the features and functionalities. Through APIs, you can manage your contacts, manage campaigns, download reports, track your contacts' activity, and perform many such day-to-day marketing tasks.

Here are some ways to use the APIs:

Synchronize data with CRM systems and databases: Instead of manually uploading files, automatically exchange information. For example, simultaneously move data from Web signup forms to both your CRM system and Smartech.

Online Subscription forms: Add a “Subscribe to Newsletter” option to your e-commerce checkout page. Through API integration, the contact data (as soon as he/she submits information), can be directly integrated into Smartech.

Targeted Broadcast: Pass historical contact behaviouaral data into Smartech through APIs. Create segments based on the data, and send targeted broadcasts.

Publishers’ data sync: Sync active subscription data into Smartech, so that only up to date accounts get your emails. Sync email activity with your customer database.

Behavioural Targeting: Link broadcast stats to your internal database for behavioural targeting.

Connect Smartech to a CMS, blog platform, e-commerce shopping cart, and more.

Below is the list of the Smartech APIs:

API Name

Allows user to add contact to smartech

Contact API

Allows user to view details of an available contact

Contact API

Allows user to remove a contact from list

Contact API

Allows user to update a contact

Contact API

Allows user to add contacts in bulk using a CSV file

Contact API

Allows user to create a list

List API

Allows user to rename a list

List API

Allows user to get a listing of all the lists made

List API

Allows user to delete a list

List API

Allows users to run APN campaigns using APIs.

Campaign API

Allows user to send activities in offline manner for individua contacts.

Activity API

The Postman Collection for the above APIs:

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Smartech APIs Overview

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