App Push Notification


  • Drive engagement with customers through Push notifications
  • Connect with your customers through timely and relevant notifications
  • Deliver contextual push notifications whilst breaking through the clutter

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The 'Setup' section consists on

  • Campaign Name - Give suitable name for the campaign
  • App Selection - Select from the list of app to which you want to send push notifications
  • Tags - Add tags to categorize campaigns. Tags will help you quickly search campaigns on the listing page.

Click on Save & Next to go to Audience Section



Campaign Name is mandatory field. Max 255 characters and Alphanumeric, space, hyphen, underscore, '&', allowed.
Campaign Tag is an optional field. Max 5 tags are allowed per campaign.


The audience section allows marketer to select all users or existing segments/lists (created in Contact Section)

  • To target an existing segment/list, click on 'Lists & Segments' and search the required segment.
  • Once selected, you can see the reachable count of users in the 'Summary' view.
  • If multiple 'saved segments' are selected then count of reachable users of the selected segment and their sum will be displayed in the Summary view

Click on 'Save & Next' to go the content section.


After the basic 'Setup' and defining the target audience, 'Content' is the section where all the action happens!

  • Add the 'Title' and the 'push notification message content' of the push notification.
  • You can choose app homepage, deeplink or URL as landing page for your push notification.

Under Advanced section, you have following three options -

  1. Rich Media
  2. Action Buttons
  3. Sound

Rich Media


Upload or add image URL


A slideshow images or slides of text cycling.

  • For each slice in a carousel, you can add image, slice-title and slice message
  • Slice Call-to-Action consists of Deeplink or URL

Audio, Video & GIF

Add audio, video or GIF url. Please note for android Video rich media option is not available.



Supported file formats:

  • Image supported formats - .jpeg, .jpg and .png with max 3MB size.
  • Carousel supported formats - Maximum of 5 slice images of format .jpeg, .jpg and .png with max 3MB size for carousel slice images.
  • Audio supported formats - .mp3, .aiff and .wav with max 3MB size.
  • Video supported formats - m4v, .mp4, and .mov with max 3MB size.
  • GIF supported formats - .gif with max 3MB size.

Character Limits:

  • Max 50 characters for Title and 1000 characters for notification message.
  • Max 30 characters for Title and 50 characters for message for each carousel image slice.
  • CTA URL - Maximum character limit is 1000.

Action Buttons

Maximum of 3 Action buttons can be added for push notification which consists of

  • Action button Label
  • Call-to-action type, deeplink of URL
  • URL

The content Preview is available on the right side of the screen.


You can enable sound option here. You have option to play default device sound or a custom sound when your notification is delivered to the user's device. Below are the specifications for Sound file name that you need to enter for the custom sound field.

iOS: Specify the name of the sound file which is included in your app bundle. Supported file formats are .aiff, .wav, or .caf.
Android versions below version 8 : Specify the name of the sound file which is included in your app bundle. Supported file formats are .mp3, .ogg, .wav.
Android versions 8 & above : Specify the name of the notification channel id

Note: Sound file name that you are entering must be present in the app bundle. If not present, default sound as per the user's device will be played.

Click on Save & Next

Test Campaign

You can test push message to users either based on token id or based on primary key. The system will not consider test push stats in the campaign reports


In Schedule broadcast, if you wish to send the broadcast right away, select 'Now'.
Alternatively, if you wish to schedule the broadcast for a later date, select 'Later' and set the date and time accordingly.

Time to live

Time to Live – is the lifespan of the notification and it corresponds to the maximum period of time for which FCM stores and attempts to deliver the message.

You can define 'Time to Live' in hours or days within which your users should receive this push message

Once your scheduling is complete, click on 'Save & Preview'


If there are no changes required in the campaign you have composed, publish the campaign.

You can view the reports of the broadcast in Insights section.

Campaign Listing

On mouse-hover, by clicking on ellipsis (3 dots) you can Clone a given campaign as well as download its reports, or by clicking on campaign title you can see the preview of the campaign.

The entire campaign listing can be sorted published time, sent & clicked.

You can also toggle between percentage and numeric values of the entire listing.


The campaign listing page allows you to search any campaign by its name or id.


You can also filter based on Campaign Status such as scheduled, completed, failed, suspended, etc. as well as based on the Tags

Download Reports

This feature allows you to download reports of all or selected campaigns.


For any queries, please contact [email protected]

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App Push Notification

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