Custom Detailed Report (email)

The custom detailed report can be accessed in Insights -> Dashboards & Reports -> Email -> Email Stats
Under download button, you'll find Custom Detailed Report option. Click it

By default the date range is 'last 3 months' and 'All' campaigns are selected.

The data columns to be included in the report mainly consists of

  • Campaign Details

    • Message ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Tag
    • Subject
    • Sent Date
    • Status
    • List ID
    • List Name
    • Segment ID
    • Segment Name
  • Activity Details

    • Bounce Type
    • Bounce Reason
    • Open Time
    • Open Day
    • Latest Link Clicked
    • No of clicks
    • First click
    • Last click
    • Unsub reason
    • Abuse reason
  • Attribute Details

    • System Attribute
    • Custom Attribute

There are two methods for receiving the custom detailed report

  • Email
    Select email ID & Mobile number to receive the password
  • FTP
    Select FTP account, FTP path and mobile number to receive the password
    More details about FTP are available here

Thus, define the data columns accordingly and click Save.

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Custom Detailed Report (email)

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