APNS Configuration

Following steps need to be followed to set up Browser Push Notifications for your website in Safari Browser.



To set up BPN for Safari browser you need to have an your website domain registered with APNS(Apple Push Notification Service.), please refer the image below.

APNS Domain Registration

Setup Steps:

  • Once the domain is registered with APNS, you will receive the .p12 certificate file and the icons folder form there.
  • Client will need to provide the said files to the Smartech Team.
  • Icons from the icons folder will be checked whether they are in the required correct ratios as per the APNS Guidelines.
  • Post this our team will complete the backend setup.
  • Now, login to the Smartech Panel, navigate to Assets > Websites > Choose you website and click edit.
  • In the configuration page turn on the Browser Push Notification Switch and under the APNS Section ,upload the .p12 file and put in the Intermediate Certificate Password, also available on your APNS Account.(Please refer image below)
  • In case of Safari, double opt-in is mandatory, so if the client wants that to happen from a sub domain, put that in the sub domain field or if it needs to be done from the main domain put the main domain in the sun domain field.

APNS Smartech configuration.

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APNS Configuration

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