Send nudge events to your own analytics system

Please follow the below steps if you wish to get nudge events shared back to your own analytics system.

Step 1 : Create a class that implements the HanselInternalEventsListener with the following method:

import io.hansel.ujmtracker.HanselInternalEventsListener;

HanselInternalEventsListener hanselInternalEventsListener = new HanselInternalEventsListener() {
   public void onEvent(String eventName, HashMap dataFromHansel) {
        if ("hansel_nudge_event".equals(eventName)){
            // send `dataFromHansel` to your analytics provider 
            // e.g. CleverTap.push(clevertapAPI, "hansel_nudge_event", dataFromHansel);
import io.hansel.ujmtracker.HanselInternalEventsListener

var hanselInternalEventsListener : HanselInternalEventsListener = object : HanselInternalEventsListener() {
  fun onEvent(eventName:String, dataFromHansel:HashMap<String, Any>) {
    //Fire this hansel event using your analytics vendor as explained in the above section (Handling existing app events)
    //e.g. AppCleverTap.push(clevertapAPI, eventName, properties)
    //In case your app is using multiple analytics vendors, then please fire the hansel events with only one vendor

Step 2 : Registering the listener with Product Experience SDK

import io.hansel.ujmtracker.HanselTracker;

//Register the listener with Hansel SDK by using this code.
import io.hansel.ujmtracker.HanselTracker

//Register the listener with Hansel SDK by using this code.


  1. Please ensure to select the checkbox 'Send nudges to Analytics Provider' from Step 2 of Nudge creation flow.
  1. Below are properties that you can expect in 'hansel_nudge_event'
  • interaction_map_name
  • nudge_name
  • nudge_type
  • app_id
  • user_id (fallback to device id if not present)
  • nudge_rating : NULL | Rating | NPS (will be a number)
  • nudge_mcq : MCQ (will be a string)
  • nudge_inputtext: NULL | text
  • nudge_action: button1/2_clicked | buttontext | close_clicked | noaction_autodismissed | noaction_screenchanged | noaction_appclosed | backdrop_dismissed

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Send nudge events to your own analytics system

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