App Push Template


Smartech enables you to create templates which can act as reference for future campaigns

Create a new APN Template

  • Go to Content.
  • Click on Create Template visible on mouse-hovering App Push channel
  • Add the Template Name
  • Select platform for which the content is to be created. i.e. Android, iOS or both
  • Assign or add a new category to the template. It is optional.
  • Click on 'Save & Next'.

Now, as shown above,

  • Add the 'Title' and the 'push notification message content' of the APN


Max 30 characters for Title and 2000 characters for notification message

Under Advanced section there is

  1. Rich Media
  2. Action Buttons

Rich Media


Upload or add image URL


Supported formats .jpeg, .jpg and .png with max 3MB size.


A slideshow images or slides of text cycling.

  • For each slice in a carousel, you can add image, slice-title and slice message
  • Slice Call-to-Action consists of Deeplink or URL


Maximum 5 slices allowed
Supported formats .jpeg, .jpg and .png with max 3MB size for carousel slice images
Max 30 characters for slice-Title and slice-notification message.

Action Buttons

Maximum of 3 Action buttons can be added for push notification which consists of

  • Action button Label
  • Call-to-action type, deeplink of URL
  • URL

The content Preview is available on the right side of the screen.
Click on 'Preview & Save' to save the template

From the existing templates, you can 'Use & Create Campaign'

Editing an existing app push templates


Note that editing an existing template might affect your live campaigns


For any queries, please contact [email protected]

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App Push Template

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