Web Message V2.0

Intro to New web message and Impact on current Web Message

New Web Message(To be released)

Considering the pain points of website owners and limited capabilities of current web message we decided to revamp the web message overall.

Now the new web message will come with the following capabilities -

  1. 30+ Template options across layouts. Fullscreen as a new layout.

  2. Advanced template semi-editing capability.

  3. Live preview to experience how web message will look on your website

  4. Activity Based Targeting

  5. Responsive Web Messages

..... and much more capabilites. Screens attached below to give an idea.

1st Image - Audience Page, 2nd Image - Template Selection & 3rd Image - Template Editing.

Impact on Current Web Message

With the coming of new Web Message, there will be an impact on as to how current web message campaigns will be managed to how functionalities will look different in the new Web Message.


Ist Image -Current Campaign Listing Page & 2nd Image - New Campaign Listing Page

Below is the list of current web message campaign's statuses along with what all editing capabilities those campaigns will have in the new web message.




Won't be visible. All draft campaigns will get deleted.


Play/Pause, download responses, control group reports, preview and end date provision
No editing and clone option.


Play/Pause, download responses, control group reports provision, preview and end date provision.
No editing and clone option.


Preview and start date provision.
No editing and clone option.


Download responses, preview, and control group reports.
No clone option.

Following changes will be visible in the New Web Message Campaign Listing Page-

  1. Last Modified Date will replace Start Date and End Date. Last Modified Date is the date when a campaign was edited for the last time. Date filter will work on the Last Modified Date.

  2. In case of Campaigns which have been Scheduled , 'Days left for that campaign to start' will be visible. In case of Campaigns which are Running/Paused, 'Days left for that campaign to End' will be visible.

  3. Only Total View and Total Click columns will be there. For Unique View of a campaign, the summary report of that campaign is to be downloaded. For Responses, form-based campaigns will have 'download response' provision within the hamburger menu of those campaigns.

  4. No Detailed Report provision along with detailed reports of Clicks and Opens.


Campaign Name will now be separate. Template's title will not be considered as campaign name in the new web message.


  1. Change in the arrangement of options when it comes to showcasing them under whom, when and where to target.

  2. Entering URL will not be mandatory anymore in case of where to target.

Note - Image of the new audience page has been added above.


'Content Page' will completely change from Template selection to Template Editing.

Note - Images of Template selection and Template Editing shared above.

Below images of Current Template Selection(1st Pic) and Template Editing(2nd Pic).


  1. 30+ new templates have been introduced.

  2. 'Older templates' will cease to exist. Filter will work only in case of use cases and not industries.

  3. No separate bifurcation such as 'create new' and 'choose from gallery' instead templates under 4 layouts - Modal, Banner, Sticky Bar, and Fullscreen.

  4. 'One Image only Template' in case of 'Banner' for adjusting the height and width otherwise all other templates will have a fixed height and width(different templates have a different height and width).

  5. Theme saved in the current web message will not be carried over to the new ux.


An overhaul changes in this department when it comes to how editing will be done as of now. A 'Semi-type of Editor' with a right-hand side preview and editing capabilities on the Left-Hand Side.

'Switch to Source' editing capability is not going to be there. Good amount of editing capability along with 30+ different templates are to going to be there in the new web message which will cover up 'Switch to Source'.


Other options other than ‘schedule date option’ will come up in advanced options in the new design.


In case of pre-release demo or in case of any query, please contact [email protected]

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Web Message V2.0

Intro to New web message and Impact on current Web Message

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