Passing data from Website Form

Netcore provides a JavaScript code to track and pass data on to the Smartech platform from your website.

This guide will help you how to setup JavaScript code on your website and pass data.

Step 1: Add Your Website and List on the Smartech platform

Adding your Website

  • Login to your Smartech Platform and click Assets and Add Website.

  • Select Domain Type [HTTP or HTTPS] and enter your website. Click Save


You can also refer to this link to understand Website Addition in detail.


  1. You do not have to type HTTP or HTTPS. Domain Type automatically helps add the prefix.
  2. Make sure to mention ‘www’ basis on whether it is present for your domain or not.
  3. A Domain once added, cannot be deleted. Ensure you add it carefully.

Adding a List

  • Go to Data > Contacts > All Contacts> Lists > Create List
  • Enter the details in the Create New List dialog box
  • Click Create List

Step 2: Add JavaScript code to Your website

Copy and Paste the below JavaScript code in the head section of your website.

Replace 'SMARTECH PANEL IDENTIFIER', 'WEBSITE IDENTIFIER' and 'LIST IDENTIFIER' with the values obtained in the previous step.

<script src='//'></script> 
smartech('create', ‘SMARTECH PANEL IDENTIFIER');
smartech('register', ‘WEBSITE IDENTIFIER');

To find the Smartech Identifier and Website ID, go to
Assets -> Web -> Get Javascript SDK

Step 3: Enriching details for a Contact

Initially, a contact is always Anonymous on your website. This means the contact doesn't contain any identifiable information and you will not be able to reach out to the user.

You can enrich the details of your contact by capturing multiple details like Email, Mobile Number, First Name, Last Name, etc.

Below is an example on how to pass the details.

Copy and Paste the below JavaScript code in the footer section of your website.

smartech('contact', 'LIST IDENTIFIER', {
'pk^customerid': {{Replace Unique customer identifier value here}},
'email': {{Replace email value here}},
'mobile': {{Replace mobile value here}},
'FIRST_NAME': {{Replace First_Name value here}},
'LAST_NAME': {{Replace Last_Name value here}},
'COMPANY_NAME': {{Replace Company_Name value here}},
'DESIGNATION': {{Replace Designation value here}},
'PRODUCT': {{Replace Product value here}}"


  1. Primary Key, Email, Mobile should be in lowercase.
  2. Mandatory to insert 'pk^' for Primary Key

In addition to adding contacts from your website using JavaScript, we also provide API to add the contacts.

Step 4: Verifying the details

Once you copy-paste the codes as shown in the previous step, follow these simple steps to verify the process of integration:

  • Open your website in Chrome browser and open Developer Tools from the browser menu or by pressing keyboard shortcut key F12. A panel (Dev Tools) will appear in your browser window.

  • Click on 'Network' tab. Please select “Preserve Log” checkbox. Fill the form and click on “ CTA”.

  • Now search “twa.“ in the filter box to filter out Netcore’s form call.

  • We would be able to see “Form“ Smartech functions in the debug window. You may check the correctness of relevant information/attribute being passed to Smartech system by clicking on Dispatch/Form function.

  • You can also see this data populating in the 'List Identifier' section on the Smartech platform.


For any queries, please contact [email protected]

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Passing data from Website Form

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