For a HTTP domain, can I enable BPN with single opt-in method?

No, we cannot. BPN technology is designed by FCM & browser tech in such a way that, it collects BPN token over secured website domains only.

Due to this design, we have to go ahead with double opt-in method to enable BPN capability.

Can I customize the BPN Opt-in Message?

It is possible only to customize double opt-in messages.

In case of double opt-in method, we can customize only the 1st opt-in message.

Is it possible for me to migrate my existing browser token ids to Smartech platform?

Yes, we can do this.

If we use existing FCM credentials utilized with another vendor, we will be able to migrate BPN tokens automatically. We don’t need to show opt-in message again to users who have previously opted in BPN communication.

In such scenario, after successful JS code integration, the BPN tokens are migrated to Smartech platform automatically over the time.


It is not possible to upload Browser tokens via CSV file into your Smartech platform.

Will I be able to use 2 vendors for BPN services at same time?

No we cannot.

It is a browser’s limitation that it allows single BPN vendor. Activeness of the vendor will depend upon the position/priority of the vendor’s code placement into the website.

Can I enable BPN capability only for specific webpage?

Yes, we can enable the BPN capability for specific webpage by playing with different opt-in rules into Smartech platform.

How can I generate FCM details for BPN?

It is a very simple process.

Please refer this document link

When will my FCM account expire once I create it? Or is there any credibility for my FCM account?

FCM is a free service provided by Google. Once a FCM account is created, it will never expire.

Why is HTTPs recommended over HTTP?

To understand this better, please see this link.


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