Custom Event Tracking

This method is used to track custom events which are defined by the client, to which you can analyse users usage pattern of the product. Each event must have a name and a set of attributes describing more about the event in detail.

HashMap<String, Object> payload = new HashMap<>();
payload.put("name", "Nexus 5");
payload.put("prid", 2);
payload.put("price", 15000.00);
payload.put("prqt", 1);

Smartech.getInstance(new WeakReference<>(context)).trackEvent("Add To Cart", payload);
val payload : HashMap<String, Any> = HashMap()
        payload["name"] = "Nexus 5"
        payload["prid"] = 2
        payload["price"] = 15000.00
        payload["prqt"] = 1
Smartech.getInstance(WeakReference(context)).trackEvent("Add To Cart", payload)
SmartechSDK.trackEvent("EVENT_NAME", "PAYLOAD_STRING");

// Sample code for reference purpose only
const payloadata = {
    name: "Galaxy",
    description: "20gram bars",
    payload_id: "1",
SmartechSDK.trackEvent("Page Browse", payloadata);



  • Smartech will automatically discover new custom activity by activity name along with payload parameters and data types.
    • Smartech supports following data types - String, Integer, Float, Date, Array, Boolean, JOSNObject.
    • Smartech will automatically convert the activity name into lowercase.
    • All the payload keys must be in lower cases.
    • Please provide the value of date in YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format.

Click here to explore predefined events in Smartech.

Please do note that you cannot pass custom payload parameters for system events that Netcore SDK tracks automatically - e.g. App Launch, First App Launch, App Reinstalled, App Updated



You can send maximum of 100 unique custom events names. Any additional events exceeding this limit will be dropped. You can reach out to your account manager if you want to send more events.

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Custom Event Tracking

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